Representation Services

Our team is ready to assist and guide you through your commercial real estate venture.  We are experienced across multiple asset classes and are prepared to offer our representation services.  Please select the one that best meets your immediate needs below to learn about your rights with broker representations.  There are brief explanation at the bottom of the page to help provide better understanding if you need help.



1031 Tax Deferred Exchange
Sell Leaseback
Opportunity Zones

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission require all licensed real estate agents to provide prospective clients with the Working With Real Estate Agent Disclosure form as well as an explanation

[Disclosure Form for Buy/Sell Transactions]   [Disclosure Form for Lease Transactions]

  • I’m New to All This! – If you just getting started with real estate, you may find starting here the best course of action before jumping into the representation pages.
  • Seller Representation – Assist clients that wish to sell commercial real estate property.
  • Landlord Representation – Assist clients that wish to lease their commercial real estate property.
  • Buyer Representation – Assist clients that wish to buy or invest in commercial real estate property, either for the purposes of occupying for their use or to hold as an income producing property for wealth building.
  • Tenant Representation – Assist clients that wish to lease commercial real estate property for the purposes of their business/commercial use.
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange – Assist clients that qualify under the IRS tax code for a 1031 tax deferred exchange of real property.
  • Development – Assist clients that wish to pursue development opportunities of real estate for residential or commercial applications.
  • Sell Leaseback – Assist clients that wish to sell the properties their business operates in and maintain a leasehold relationship with the new owner.
  • Opportunity Zones – Assist clients that wish to pursue opportunity zone development.